Research Description

The Miller laboratory is focused on defining the molecular basis of bacterial pathogenesis and interactions with eukaryotic cells.

The lab is organized into research groups focusing on the study of:

Salmonellae translocated effectors (which are delivered across the phagosome membrane and recruited to the actin cytoskeleton, nucleus, and phagosome)

Bioinformatic analysis, DNA sequencing and phenotypic comparison of Shigella and Salmonella outbreak strains from diverse geographic locations including Central America and Africa.

Molecular basis of NON-TYPHOIDAL Salmonella emergence.

The environmental remodeling of the gram-negative bacterial envelop that occurs when bacteria infect host tissues.

Using NMR and crystallography to define structural mechanisms by which PhoQ responds to antimicrobial peptides and low pH.


Human microbiota in inflammatory bowl disease.