Instrument issues, manuals, SOPA and Protocols


Xena Cell Homogenizer (official name: EmulsiFlex-C3  Homogenizer)

Serial Number: C315471

Avestin Inc, Tel: +1 613 736 0019

PDF of C3 manual: Xena Avastin C3 homogenizer manual

SOPA for C3: WORD File: Xena-Standard-Operating-Procedure

Any problem with Xena, please inform Zach and HK If the pressure does not go upto 15K with the gas tank pressure at 125psi, the valve has to be replaced. Never increase the gas pressure more than 125 psi. Higher pressure will blow up the gauges in the machine.

Beckman Ultracentrifuge:

Rotor RCF calculation for Beckman centrifuges

Rotor manuals for Beckman Ultra

Beckman Type_45Ti LR-IM-24

Freezer malfunctions:

SOP for negative 80 freezer meltdowns:

DO NOT FREAK OUT. Before 1960s, people did research without ultra low temperature freezers. Glycerol stocks can undergo few freeze thaw cycles. You can easily sequence the genome of an important strain that has undergone freeze thaw.

First, read the error messages: important messeges are: High stage or low stage failure, line voltage failure (circuit breaker got turned off due to current overload).

Next, disconnect the power.

Roll the freezer all the way to the T wing BSL2 plus or roll the racks.

Place an order for evaluation and for travel via Purchase Path. Use an old order for this

Then email John Walker of Thermo about this.

If you need additional freezer space, contact, Building management, at 685-0143.

 Thermo repair service may request a Temporary shutdown of fire alarm monitoring.

How to request a temporary shutdown of fire alarm monitoring in a specific zone:

Request such a service via FS Works by login in using your UWnetID.

Need at least 24-48 hours in advance. Specific charges may apply

If hot work (soldering metal…etc) is being performed, call Seattle Fire Dept and describe the work. The will let you know a permit is required.

Seattle FD: 206-386-1450

For emergency permits, call Nikki Peters, the HSB building manager.

Envision plate reader issues.  (i) Software (ii) Software Reference (iii) Envision Plate reader operating manual (iv) EnVision Order Guide (ii) Assay Optimization in Envision Plate Reader Problems with Envision: Call Perkin Elmer tech support by pressing the programmed button on the phone (next to B’s desk)  in K126. And give them the serial number. It is written on the telephone. and email HK about it.