The protocols are organized into following categories. The pages for protocols will be hyperlinked so that some of the protocols may appear in different places. Grayed out sections are still under construction.

  • General Bacteriology
    • Competent Cell Preparation Protocol
    • Salmonella transformation protocol
    • Growth curves, growth rate calculations. etc
  • Protein Purification
    • Test Expression
    • Protein expression tips
    • Bradford Assay
    • Thrombin Cleavage of Protein tags
    • Stripping and cleaning Hi Trap columns- Complete protocols

Instrument manuals and  protocols (Janus Robot, Biotek Microflo, Envision Plate reader, Horiba Jobin Florometer, Qpix2, Acta FPLC, Shimadzu HPLC, Xena, IVIS, BD Aria, Guava, Ultracentrifuge)

Bacterial membrane protocols.

  • Making spheroplasts
  • Making membrane fractions
  • Ethidium bromide and NPN uptake assay
  • Test for membrane damagePhospholipase assayDye uptake assays