Erez Mills



B.Sc. in animal physiology, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

M.Sc. in Genetics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

PhD in microbiology from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Dessertation: Analysis of the Activity of a Type Three Secretion System in Enteropathogenic E. coli.  Mentor: Professor Ilan Rosenshine.

Current Research:

Characterization of the c-di-GMP network function during Salmonella infection

c-di-GMP is a bacterial second messenger involved in biofilm formation, motility and progeny differentiation. Sensors create or degrade c-di-GMP in response to different environmental signals. c-di-GMP binding to specific receptors results in a physiological and/or behavioral change. The S. typhimurium genome encodes 21 potential sensors and at least two binding receptors. The function of almost all of these genes is unknown. Last, non-direct evidence links the Salmonella c-di-GMP network to virulence. I aim to characterize the function of this network during Salmonella infection of host cells.