Marie-Pierre Blanc


Research Scientist/Lab Manager
University of Washington
HSB, Box K116
Seattle, WA 98195

Research Interest:
I got my Master degre at University of Sciences, Lille II, France in 1993. Majored in biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology of parasites. I did my Master Research project at I.R.D. Montpellier, France on Morphological, biological, biochemical and immunological characterization of axenic amastigote form of Leishmania amazonensis. I have been working on infectious diseases for the last 20 years,  Trypanosoma cruzi and Retroperitoneal Fibromatosis Herpes Virus.

I joined the Miller lab in November 2000. I’m the core manager and  participate in a wide variety of projects. From Yeast genetic screen, to cell biology, via in vivo experiments.