Computer Hardware and Software

No pirated software is allowed in Miller Lab owned computers.

For IT related issues, please e-mail Miller group computers are organized and maintained by the Miller Bioinformatics group, and not by any other groups.

Your conduct while using information technology resources in the Miller Lab is governed by multiple regulatory bodies, and it is important that you become familiar with the rules these agencies stipulate that you must follow:
Federal, State, and UW rules
Projects involving grant money are often subject to additional rules
Miller Lab rules

The Miller Lab rules are explained below. It is vital that you follow these rules, and failure to do so may result in information security breaches, loss of data, termination of your computer use privileges, and legal action against you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

(I) Do not use Gmail or other non-UW sanctioned e-mail accounts for communicating with other UW members for official work. This is specifically prohibited by UW Medicine.

(II) Be sure a back up system such as CrashPlan is active for your computer(s), and test it regularly. Contact support if back up is not working, or if you have questions about it.

(III) Be sure UW-licensed virus protection software (Sophos) is installed. It will automatically protect your computer in multiple ways, and you can also use it to detect and remove virus you pick up from other sources.

(IV) Do not install software on Miller computers without letting either Hemantha or Frank know about it.

(V) Do not shut off machines at night or over the weekend, but be sure to log off. These machines are being backed up and otherwise maintained after hours.

(VI) Password protect your computer at all times when you are away from it. The doors are not secure even if they are locked, and sometimes doors are left open during after hours.

(VII) Do not activate wireless networking (wi-fi) on Miller Lab computers. The plugged in networking is much faster and safer.

All Miller computers have been purchased by the Bioinformatics group or by Hemantha, so let them know ( and Hemantha) about any plans for alteration, moving, or software installations.

We strongly encourage you to to take additional steps to protect important information by “cloning” hard drives using either Clonzilla or Acronis. Ask Hemantha or Erik about this software and how to use it. We try to clone the system hard drives in all computers that are attached to equipment. If a hard drive fails, we then swap a cloned drive into the machine. Ask Hemantha and Frank about where the cloned drives are.

UW will install following software free of charge:

OS software for MAC and Windows
MS Office
Sophos antivirus (All laptops and desktop should have Sophos installed if you are using them in our lab related activities).

Lab owned software:

Mavector: We have two licenses that can be installed in any Macs, whether laptop or desktop.
Graphpad: One license in the K126 Dell T7500 workstation.
Adobe CS5.5: One license in the K126 Dell T7500 workstation.
Nikon NIS Elements: In any computer
Metamorph: In any computer
Autoquant X: In any computer
Other software for your computer: Please ask Hemantha for additional software such as Endnotes, Graphpad, Adobe…etc.